Well aware of the many challenges facing startups, we provide them with exclusive mentoring services suited to their reality. Over the course of a year, businesses selected for the BCF Imagine program have access to :

  • 20 hours of free strategic consultation* per year, including 10 hours in group (drafting of legal documents not included)
    • Personalized legal consulting
    • Technical training group sessions
    • Targeted networking opportunities
  • Free standard-form contracts and legal documents
  • Exclusive startup training sessions
  • Assistance for the First Patent Program
  • Exclusive package deals on our basic services
    • Implementation of a shareholder agreement ($3000)
    • SAFE Agreement pre-seed Round (3000$)
    • KISS Agreement pre-seed Round (3000$)
    • Convertible note in equity (3000$)
  • A reduction in fees
    • 0 to $5 000 in cumulative fees..........................20%
    • $5 001 to $10 000 in cumulative fees...........15%
    • $10 001 to $20 000 in cumulative fees........10%

To request access to this unique program in Quebec, fill out the form or contact us directly at imagine@bcf.ca.