Legal services for startups on video

Since its inception 23 years ago, BCF has been deeply embedded in Quebec’s innovative business community.

BCF is at the heart of the province’s innovative economic ecosystem as a partner of many technology transfer companies, accelerators, and incubators from across Quebec.

This deep-seated commitment to Quebec innovation and entrepreneurship has allowed us to develop our renowned expertise and unique business relationships with entrepreneurs, investors, and influencers in this sector of our economy.

Many of our clients began as startup entrepreneurs, saw a great deal of success in their business, and now act as informal advisors in the context of this program. Their experience, combined with the depth of our multidisciplinary team, allows us to provide BCF Imagine startups with strategic advice that integrates our experience and expertise with unique access to our business network.


Models and standard contracts

Confidentiality (NDA)
Intellectual Property
Shareholder Agreements
Employee Contracts
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