What’s the story behind your company’s launch?

Owing to circumstances, we had to be patient. We had to wait to secure financing to further our prototype and then to have the required financial resources to move ahead with production. We initially invested $25 each to buy our shares, and we won a $1,000 bursary during the OSEntreprendre contest organized by the Government of Quebec, and then another provided by the HEC Montréal. This funding allowed us to refine our prototype. We then got our first loans from Futurpreneur Canada and the BDC, for a grand total of $51,000. Our goal was to raise an additional $67,000 on KickStarter, and we wound up raising $538,000 in 31 days!

What was your biggest challenge?

Manufacturing our product on a large scale, most definitely. There’s a big difference between making a prototype that works and large-scale manufacturing. You practically need to start over from scratch. Each product that leaves the production line needs to be tested, and we had to adapt to this process. We need machines to test our machines, so to speak. We didn’t think of this when we were getting started!

What is the key to success in this situation?

We managed to surround ourselves with people with manufacturing experience. We recruited a lot of outside help.

Any tips for entrepreneurs?

Ideally, you need a team of founders with a broad range of skills so that you can do as much as possible in-house.

  • Montreal
  • Xavier Peich
  • Gabriel Alberola
  • Olivier Bourbonnais
  • Maxime Couturier
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