Advitam, Quebec city

This online tool is aimed at heritage-protection professionals. It assists clients in the preparation of wills and powers of attorney. Founders: Albert Besnier and Marc-André Proteau.

Akiosoft, Montreal

Creation of a telemedicine platform that provides clinical notices and teleconsultation services powered by artificial intelligence and equipped with a diagnostic assistant. Founder: Francis Nicloux.

HopChild, Montreal and Sherbrooke

A technology that uses microelectronic, computer, and robotic components to help children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (with our without intellectual disability). Founders: Marc-Antoine Pelletier and Diane Groleau.

MotorLeaf, Montreal

A terminal that uses artificial intelligence to automate indoor agriculture. Motorleaf has built a smart and automated indoor farming operating system, consisting of hardware devices and software analytics. Founders: Ally Monk and Ramen Dutta.

Statsradio, Quebec city

Providing business intelligence to radio broadcasters using audience statistics in real time, thanks to a simple yet effective analytics tool. Founders: Louis-Philippe Sutton and Benoit Pelletier.

WiLight, Montreal

A wireless charger Box that's an easily concealable transmitter that allows your devices to charge through many surfaces. Founders: Xavier Bidaut and Philippe Boulanger.p>

Scénarex, Montreal

A new technology that uses a blockchain ecosystem known as Bookchain™ to integrate and protect EPUB 3 digital books. Founder: Simon-Pierre Marion.

TERLYS inc., Quebec city

A process developed to extract betulin from birch bark in a highly selective, economical, and ecological manner. Betulin has been known for many years. Its cosmetic and pharmaceutical virtues have been well documented and continue to be widely researched. Founders: Frédéric Thibault and Simon Côté.

Pharmania/Medivox, Montreal

Pharmania develops e-health applications intended for patients and professionals. Their first product, Medivox, is a platform (app) that connects patients (i.e., the visually impaired, seniors, etc.) with pharmacists and private clinics. Founders: Mounia Mimouni and Jacques Boulogne.

Targa Biomedical, Montreal

Targa is a clinical stage biotechnology company developing treatments for unmet medical needs in the area of cardiovascular disease. Targa develops proprietary pharmaco-conditioning solutions to enhance clinical outcomes of regenerative medicine (stem cell therapy) for heart disease as its primary indication. Founders: Shant Der Sarkissian and Nicolas Noiseux.